Thursday, February 25, 2010

That's my girl!

Phew! A disaster of incomprehensible proportions was narrowly avoided this afternoon. After a long, frantic search, Asher and I finally found Avery's Hello Kitty plush toy so she could finally lay down for her nap, sniffling from the recent trauma of not knowing where her beloved toy was, but with a content smile. So, where was elusive hiding spot? Well, perhaps I should explain.....

Avery seems to be ALL girl all the way through. So why did I bother searching under the couch, in the toy car bin, in the garbage cans? All I really needed to do was sit and think about it for a minute. What could possibly tear Avery's attention from Hello Kitty? There is only one possible answer: shoes!!!! Sure enough, there it was, laid aside on the floor beside the shoe rack. This little girl loves shoes - she claps when we walk into a shoe store, brings me shoes at any time of the day to put on her, and of course loves to try all my shoes on, too. While perhaps I should be slightly disconcerted by how early she has fallen into this stereotype, I can't help but wonder if it wasn't passed down in her genes. Curse you, Chris! :P

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