Saturday, May 9, 2009

Park Pride Day, 2009

Last weekend we went with our ward to a couple of local parks to help clean-up and beautify as part of the annual "Park Pride Day" extravaganza. The park district provided all the materials, but the man power was all from local citizens. It's a great way to get invested in the community and build unity in neighborhoods. Here is a run down of the kids' activities:

Conner and his friends Matthew tried a little of everything: planting flowers, weeding, mulching, picking up trash, and the never to be under-rated "air raking."
Jude stayed busy with the mulch, either spreading it or climbing the huge piles put out at each park. However, the most notable way he spent his time was by shamelessly flirting with the teenage girls there helping. They ate him up and he said "I made lots of new big girl friends." Good for you, little Romeo!
Asher spent his time throwing away trash, climbing the mulch, and (the most time consuming activity of all) trying to avoid getting his picture taken. Haha, though. My friend got one! Avery did what Avery does best: charm everyone with her smiles and waves while taking off her shoes and socks.


Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

I am glad it turned out well. I like the picture of the "air rake." And that is sooo funny about Jude makeing big girlfriends. Your kids are so cute!

We are sad we moved away from you guys - we consider you family in lots of ways.

Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

By the way, I have your paint stuff. I can bring to Kami's baby shower, if you are going to be there, or if you aren't I can drop them by your house, whichever is best. Sorry, this is probably the lamest blog commet ever. This proves how lazy I can be. I didn't feel like signing into my other email. I am a case!