Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Laser Tag

On Friday we took the kids to the Crete Family Fun Center for a final hurrah for spring break. We played miniature golf - always one of the kids' favorite things to do - but the highlight was the laser tag. Conner had played one or two games before at birthday parties, but this was our first time as a family (my first time ever!). They had a special where you could play as many times as you wanted for $10, so we went all out - even Avery joined in.

It was hilarious! Seeing Asher in the vest, which went down below his knees, was so cute, but man, don't underestimate that little guy!! He was amazingly good considering his age - he could easily sneak up on all of us and get us every time. He kept saying he was the police and that he was getting all the bad guys. Conner and Jude loved the entire thing. They seemed to especially like finding the other team's base and hitting the signal and planning battle strategies to try to get the other team. They would always let us know when it was our turn to protect the base or go on the offensive. Avery was neutral territory, dressed in lots of white so that she glowed in the black lights and was easy to see. She loved crawling up the ramps and around the obstacles. Since hardly anybody was there, we had the entire arena to ourselves whenever we played. We all had a great time!

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