Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy First Birthday, Avery!!

I can't believe our baby has already turned one! It really does go by so quickly. Watching her grow has been so fun, but I'll always miss those infant times, too.

We had a pretty low key birthday with just our family. We made cupcakes and of course opened her presents, which she thoroughly enjoyed. Asher chose pink cake, pink frosting, and princess themed decorations - I didn't realize that he associated those things with girls. It's kinda sad that the gender stereotypes develop so early even when you try to avoid them. However, it was also great to see a three-year-old step out of himself and think about what his baby sister would like, not just assuming that she would like whatever he thought was cool.

Avery got lots of clothes; a giant, blow-up penguin; a crazy chicken car that ALL the kids love; and a toy that has lots of little places to hide and find balls shaped like cute bugs. She must have remembered the whole unwrapping presents concept from Christmas because she dove right in when she saw all the presents in front of her.



Rosie the Vampie said...

Darn - I missed it! Well, happy belated birthday Avery - for what it's worth :)

Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

I love the shirtless cake picture. That is too cute!!!

How funny that Asher picked such a girly party for her! Love it!