Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween 2008

Here's a rundown of the 2008 Hansen Halloween:

Avery was a little ladybug. All the girls who came to trick-or-treat loved her. She does have a huge noggin, so the hat sat on top of her head instead of around it, but that's what you get having my dad as a grandpa (love you and your big head, Dad!).
Asher was Thomas. I know, it's a shocking surprise. He actually would tell people that he was Thomas' Mister Conductor, but nobody understood what he was talking about. He found that rather infuriating. I have to admit that it was a rather astute observation on his part since his face was not where Thomas' face was, but where the conductor would be instead.Jude was a chef. But not any old run of the mill chef. This is what he said when he had decided what he was going to be for Halloween: "Mom, I want to be a chef who accidentally committed a crime. You see, he was at his restaurant and a customer, who was really a bad guy but the chef didn't know it, ordered a really spicy dish. The chef made the dish but it exploded because it was so spicy and caught the restaurant on fire destroying the whole thing. The bad guy got away, so the police arrested the chef for destroying the building. He had to stay in jail until Conner (the police, see below) found the real bad guy and realized what happened." So, here's a picture of Jude as a chef who accidentally committed a crime:Conner was a S.W.A.T. police officer. He looked really good in his costume and won best costume at two different Halloween parties (our big church Halloween carnival/dinner and the Border's children's Halloween party). As prizes he got a foam bat and ball set and a book (one of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books).For those of you who don't know, we always make a 3D duck cake for Halloween. This year I made a mummy duck. It was OK, but nothing great. Last year's devil duck (complete with flashing red horns) and the vampire duck cakes were much better. Unfortunately I don't have pictures of those two. In fact, after wanting to take a picture of the devil duck but not being able to, we decided to buy the camera we have now. Basically, the devil duck was the first in a series of events that culminated in the creation of this blog. Hmmm. A devil inspired this blog. Interesting . . .


Kayz said...

Oh my gosh! Your kiddos are SO cute!!! I love the name Jude and think your lil lady bug is way too precious! Looks like Halloween was a good one for your fam! =) Btw, that duck cake ROCKS! You have so many talents (who knew you could make 3D duck-mummy-cakes so well? Hmm?) =) Love the blog! Kali Massey

Rosie the Vampie said...

Lol, a devil-inspired blog :) I'm a little afriad to continue reading ;D