Friday, November 7, 2008

Pure 800 FP Bliss!

I have used a body pillow religiously for the last eight years or so. I don't sleep well without one. The problem is that ALL body pillows that are easy to get are horribly insufficient. They are not long enough, poofy enough, or made of long lasting materials. I strongly prefer down pillows, but it's hard to find 100% down body pillows - most have a high percentage of feathers which can poke you and are not very "springy." I also hate the curved ones because I like to have a separate pillow for my head (easier to get a perfect fit). So, for my birthday (yes, it was back in July) Chris told me to get any pillow I could find that suited my "needs." And I finally found it!! A 5 foot, 100% pure Hungarian Goose 800 fill power down body pillow!! Sleeping with it is absolutely divine! I've always loved to sleep, but no I may never get out of bed again!

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