Monday, August 11, 2008

Avery's Yoga

Just thought I would throw up a couple of cute pictures of Avery doing her latest yoga positions. She's still obsessed with her feet, even though she found them a few months ago.

Chris had to go to girl's camp last week for one evening and one of the leaders from another ward had brought his 3 year old daughter with him. When he introduced his daughter as Avery, Chris snapped his head around and said, "What!?!" Apparently everyone around noticed and teased him about it all night. I was also looking through the Company Kids catalog the other day and one of the little girl's rooms they had decorated had Avery spelled out in wooden letters on the wall. So, Avery, sorry! If you end up with three other Avery's in your class at school we are really sorry! We didn't know it was going to become so popular! (Even if we did, we probably would have named you that anyway - it just fit when we saw you!)

(By the way, her hair naturally sticks up sometimes in the back - kinda cute!)

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Nikki said...

We thought we were being original with Lily's name also. . . until we met another one at the park and then found another one in her first preschool class. Oh well, she still likes her name and so do we. I'm sure Avery will be happy with it no matter what. At least she won't be the only kid who can't find a (fill in water bottle, bracelet, pad of paper, etc) with her name on it, right?