Monday, August 11, 2008

Asher's Birthday

So, it's a bit late but here are some pics from Asher's birthday. I'll give you one guess what the theme was! Of course - it's THOMAS! He had a Thomas cake (poor kid, it was pretty nasty allergen free cake - we won't be making that kind again!) and pretty much all of his gifts were Thomas themed as well. He got a bike, helmet, backpack, lunchbox, a couple of engines, and a magnetic Thomas play set. He was truly in heaven (if the Island of Sodor counts as heaven, anyway).

The whole day we had been telling Asher it was his birthday, but he didn't seem to believe us until we put him to bed and he asked if he could stay up since it was his birthday. He still does not believe that he is three. He says that he is two or four, but definitely not three. That's our little monkey!


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