Thursday, December 4, 2008


Being a devout Twilighter, I went to the midnight opening of the Twilight movie with soem friends. We started off the night with half price appetizers at Applebee's. Actually, to be truthful, we started off the night with me running over the curb for several seconds while I was trying to apply masacara and drive simutaneously. I don't think my friends will ever let me live that one down! We got to the theater an hour and a half early, but the theater was already packed. Thus ensued a whirlwind game of theater tag, musical seats, and tag team bathroom usage. There were four showings open that night: 12:01, 12:03, 12:04, and 12:07. I was in all of them at some point in the night, but we finally got good seats for the 12:07 showing.

I LOVED the movie. Sure, the special effects are not perfect, but it's not a high budget action movie. It's a love story, and I didn't go to see special effects (which are really not as bad as people have claimed). It's about the characters and plot. As a side note - I have seen the movie two more times and the sparkiling part looked perfect on one of the regular, not suped-up screens. The music is incredible (see playlist above) and the chemistry between Edward and Bella is spot on. I also thought it was quite funny. A few jokes you have to be familiar with later books to appreciate, and others you need to already know the plotline to understand, but there is plenty in there to tickle me. The opening night crowd seemed to appreciate the jokes too, but the others audiences were more mixed.

The truly fabulous news is that due to Twilight's success, Summit Entertainment has officially announced that they are proceded with the making of New Moon!! Whoo hoo!!