Saturday, October 25, 2008

Conner's Concert

At Conner and Jude's school, every grade has a concert at some point during the year. The third grade concert was this week. What's special about the third grade concert is that it is the only year where all the kids play an instrument. Conner got to play the bass xylophone. Here is a short clip of him playing accompaniment. I don't have him playing while the choir is singing because some little kid came and stood right in front of me with a cell phone camera that I don't think he really knew how to use. If I moved, then the other parents filming their kids would have lost their shots. So, this is what I have (the part with the choir went better - not as much unintentional syncopation).

While it's difficult for 20 eight-year-olds to keep a steady beat while in front of a large crowd, I thought they all did a fantastic job. Conner was a little nervous at first, but he soon relaxed and had fun singing all the songs and, well, just being Conner!

Bravo, Conner!


Nikki said...

Great job Conner! The best part is you looked like you were having a good time playing the xylophone. That's what music is all about!

Grandma and Grandpa R said...

Good job Conner. You were the best dressed also. Are you going to take band when you get older?

Rosie the Vampie said...

OMJ! That was ~awesome~!!! I know how hard it can be keeping time (I did it in sixth grade - and failed horribly), but you did amazing! Super duper job!!!