Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Scripture Time?

A little while ago, Asher comes to me saying that he got the scriptures and that it was time to "cuddle and read our scriptures." At the time I was busy cleaning our living room, but how could I say no? So, I stopped what I was doing and sat on the couch. Asher climbed up into my lap and handed me this:

We may be in for a surprise at the coming General Conference!


Evil Jason said...

Ah! the gospel according to Asher. I hear it's the complete edition with new characters, new destinations, updated layout and more! How do I join this new religion?

Nicole said...

Simple. Just swear complete fealty to Thomas the Tank Engine and Sir Topham Hatt. Of course that includes a yearly pilgrimage to "A Day Out With Thomas" location of your choice. But, any true believer would view that as a delight, not an obligation.