Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Rogers Tradition Continues! (Unfortunately)

A few days ago the missionaries came over for dinner. The whole thing was pretty much a nightmare. Firstly the lasagna I made didn't cook right, so the top layer of noodles were rather chewy. Yum! Next, the apple crisp that usually cooks in about 45 minutes took an hour and a half, so we were all stalling the dinner conversation - rather awkward. Then Jude decided to remain true to his Rogers blood.


For all of you are are not aware, us Rogers kids did not vomit often, but we seemed to choose particularly inopportune times to do so. For example when guests were over, at restaurants, in the middle of a live play, etc. Is it a coincidence that the only one of our children that has the Rogers' physique is also the one to continue this tradition?

So, up came Jude's dinner at our brand new dining room table (yes, this was the first time we used it!). Luckily, we had put a towel down over his upholstered seat, so all was OK. To top off the night, Avery started to fuss a little, so I picked her up from her seat to cuddle with her, not realizing that she had had one of those huge, blowout diaper incidents. Needless to say, her white jammies were no longer white, and the front of my shirt and arms were also covered. Thankfully, Chris then saw them to the door and the clean-up/recovery began.

I did not sign up for another dinner appointment on Sunday when the list was passed around. Apparently the recovery continues.


Nikki said...

This post is a gem. My first (silent) reading evoked pure sympathy for you with that lovely scene to clean up. My second reading (out loud to Layne) brought me the best laugh I've had in a long time. Hopefully it won't be too long before you can laugh about it too.

thom sybin said...

I don't thinks Macyos has ever been the same since we left our vomit stained mark. lol. Sorry it took me song to post, sis. I love you.